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Case Study 1- Radiator Web Site

Summary - This client is the leading distributor of wholesale aftermarket radiators in the country. They wanted to start a retail B2C focused web site to address the growing demand for auto radiators by do-it-yourselfers.

Goal - Create online PPC campaigns from scratch within a monthly budget while keeping costs to just 20% of sales.

Tools We Have Used
1. Keyword generator - generated 60,000 keywords by crossing vehicle make & model combinations with popular "modifier" keywords such as "cheap," "all metal," "Modine," "performance" and "aftermarket." Example key-phrase: "91 Chevy aftermarket radiator"
2. Reporting Integration Module - Delivered PPC data to internal reporting system to uniformly track clicks, costs and conversions along with phone calls generated by PPC campaigns to the company's call center.
3. Log analyzer - By analyzing web server logs, we generated 800 "negative" keywords - keywords that didn't apply to this business, such as "home radiator," "radiator cover," and "steam radiator." This improved click through rate and Quality Score and dramatically lowered costs.

Results - Within 12 months, the web site was profitably spending $40,000 per month on PPC marketing. They are the biggest online player in the radiator market and one of the major automotive parts web sites.

Case Study 2- Lap-Band Surgery Web Site

Summary - The site markets 10 lap-band doctors in 3 different DMA. Free seminar are held weekly in each DMA to explain potential surgery patients the advantages of lap-band surgery. The LAP-BAND System is the safest, proven weight-loss surgery available today.

Goal - Launch the site, SEM and SEO marketing to generate seminar signups.

Tools We Have Used
1. Keyword generator - added 50,000 new keywords.
2. Quality Score Optimizations - Performed weekly Ad Text A/B splits to continuously improve our CTR and ROI.
3. Account Organization - Moved important profitable keywords to the location giving them the highest ROI

Results - Starting at 40 leads per week, with a unchanged budget, after constant tuning, we are now generating 100 leads per week.

Case Study 3- Online Rebate Web Site

Summary - By signing up with this site, users obtain cash back rebates at thousands of online stores. Their PPC Campaigns were managed by the biggest bid tool in the industry, but the results had stagnated for months.

Goal - Increase user signups by 30% while maintaining the same cost per signup.

Tools We Have Used
1. Keyword generator - added 150,000 new, low cost keywords when our analysis showed that brand & store related keywords drove the most signups.
2. Reporting Integration Module - Delivered PPC data to internal reporting system to uniformly track clicks, costs and conversions along company dimensions.
3. Quality Score Optimizations - Performed weekly A/B split testing of Ad Text; increased click through rate by 5 percentage points.

Results - Signups increased 300% and cost per signup was decreased 60%.

When Pelican Search took over the campaign from a leading bid management tool, the number of signups tripled while the cost per buyers was divided by more than two.

Case Study 4- Entertainment Web Site

Summary - This site helps aspiring models, actors, comedians, singers & dancers to connect with industry professionals such as agents, casting directors, choreographers, managers, A&R and record executives who are looking to discover the stars of tomorrow.

Goal - Increase the number of event-sales while decrease SEM cost.Create a cost/sale report at keyword level to tune the SEM campaign on sales and not leads.

Tools We Have Used
1. Reporting Integration Module - Many keywords generated leads who could not be converted into sales. A new reporting system was created to track sales at the keyword level.
2. URL Tuning - A/B split the destination URL; increased leads/clicks by 23%.

Results - While keeping the signup and budget volume constant, event-sales doubled: more money was spent on sales generating keyword and less on leads-only generating keywords.

Case Study 5- Online Service Marketplace

Summary - This site is an online workplace where businesses find and hire people "on demand" to get work done quickly and cost effectively.

Goal - Increase the number of First Time Poster while keeping a constant SEM budget.

Tools We Have Used
1. Account Transfer Module - Once tuned Google most profitable keywords were transferred to Yahoo and MSN to increase the number of first time posters with already tested profitable keywords..
2. SearchWords Discovery Module - Using google analytics, new searchwords are discovered and added as keywords to increase campaign preciseness and ROI.

Results - While decreasing the budget, the count of first time post remained constant.

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